Andrew Benyei - Sculptor and Painter


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Reflections Canada-Hungary

The Pier 21 Exposition of “Reflections Canada-Hungary” opened in Halifax on October 12, 2006.
Read a review on this show by Andrea Blanar, President of the Canadian Hungarian Artists’ Collective.

Introduction to Andrew Benyei
Exhibit at the Gallery of Vizivaros, Budapest April, 1996 by Dr. Mariann Gergely, Curator, National Gallery of Hungary, Budapest, Hungary
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Dear Mr. Benyei,

It was a good chance for me to meet you… I am the Egyptian artist and art critic. Finding oneself in art is a life process for an artist and your work is outstanding. Talking to one of the visitors about your Sitter work I figured out the real meaning of the word. It was that moment that you succeeded to catch and we argued about the Space fitting ,the pride in this sitting, that Satisfaction, may be of a day dream, the relaxation of a continuous thinking and a fin inner view of an intimate moment, it is a one moment brain/memory self – a very private show. From the outside the filling of a Diagonal sitting on the Arm chair in this relaxing happiness, reflects a continuation of this pride of this moment in a physical statement and configuration. This moment is saying I am here, tired, yes but I am not saggy I am strong and satisfied I am fitting my space and I am enjoying it. It is in the upper knee, the stretched arms that the statement of existence is complete! Congratulation on the prize.

Sincerely – Hanna Giurges

Dear Andrew,

….You certainly have a way of making the commonplace look profound. Keep up your superb work….

Sincerely – David Chirko SCA

” Thank God for some humour in art especially in first-rate art…..congratulations to you”

Doris McCarthy

“Patriots” made me smile and shake my head at the same time. I smiled because what else can you do? And I shook my head in wonder of that font of creativity you so consistently draw from.”

Greg Feedman

“Design itself is very interesting. A female fat dancer!! At first sight it looks like Botero’s work but more active and more realistic. Her action and her shape is very eye-catching and fresh.”

Website visitor

“Benyei portrays his creations with humour and irony, but he does not laugh at them. He shows great empathy for their problems, feels with them and, at times, appears to be one of them.”

Dr. Mariann Gergely, Curator, The National Gallery of Hungary

“His work is startlingly original and very Canadian in its sensibility.”

Dr. Jorg Tal Sculpture and Professor of Art, University of Mexico

“Benyei is a real artist because he does to escape into the dark depths of subconscious, and does not try to hide the unpleasant in our life. He wants to make us notice what is beautiful today and always. His (bronze) sculptures, inspired by ballet, dance and music, are not only the idealized symbols of the human body, they impart an almost timeless lyrical harmony.”

Rozsa Dancs Hungarian Life Magazine

“The use of colour and form are outstanding; the workmanship deserving of high praise.”

Luciana Benzi  Judge, Scarborough Arts Council Juried Exhibition, 1993

“I think Benyei transforms these sometimes banal people into beautiful and intense personalities similar to (Edward) Hopper’s portraits of ordinary people charged with strong emotion. His sculptures are very intense.”

David Pelletier  Sculptor and former Head of Ontario College of Art’s Sculpture Department