Andrew Benyei - Sculptor and Painter


Airboss of America Corp.
Atchison and Denman
Aspen Technology Canada Inc.
Bayview Glen School
S.D. Bulte, M.P.
CAAT Pension Fund
Commins, Wingrove Marketing
The Continental Group
EDS Canada
The Enns Partners
First Service Corporation
Fraser and Milner
Franchise Company
Gibraltar Wealth Management
Gilliland Gold Young Consulting Inc.
Insight Business Consultants
Insite Institute
Integra Capital
Lovas Stanley/Paul Ray Berndtson
MacAuley, Shiomi, Howson
Mainstream Access Corporation
McKinsey and Company
Marketing Solutions, Inc.
Mossop, Cornelissen & Associates
PTY Consultants, Australia
Senator Vivienne Poy
Stuart Investment Management
Sunnybrook Medical Centre
Templeton Management
Univ. Of Cape Breton Art Gallery
Varley Art Gallery, Unionville, Canada
Wentworth Property Management
Xycorp, Inc.