Andrew Benyei - Sculptor and Painter

Did You Know…

Some interesting facts about Andrew and his art

One of Andrew’s sculptures, “Fifth Floor” was recently rented by CAIFA, the Canadian Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors. Many organizations all over Ontario have rented Andrew’s work, including Bell Canada, Interac, Pen York properties, BDP Canada, The Economic Development Office of the City of Mississauga, the Government of Ontario, and Fraser and Milner.

Benyei’s “Back to Bay Street” and “Common Interest” exhibitions at the Sculptor’s Society of Canada Gallery in First Canadian Place (Toronto) have been among the most successful ever held in that space. IN 1995, his works made the highest sales value ever and, the 1997 show helped increase general traffic in the Exchange Tower lobby by 20%.

Andrew Benyei and his work were featured in a 20-minute documentary on Rogers Cable TV last year. Copies of the program are available; just call us at:[416] 489-9991

For three years in a row, Benyei was one of three judges at the annual Toronto City Hall Ice Sculpture competition, held on New Year’s Eve. These unique sculptures are creations of both amateur and professional artists throughout Canada, and are part of the city’s now-famous ‘First Night’ celebration.

Bell Canada used Benyei’s sculptures as inspiration for employees who were changing careers: “Cold Call” and “Affirmative Action” were displayed in the Career Center on Eglinton Avenue East (Toronto).

In a less traditional setting, a Benyei sculpture was selected to be part of an award-winning display at the 1998 “Canada Blooms” show in Toronto. The work “Motion 3” was displayed in a wonderful garden setting, proving that not all art has to remain indoors.

Benyei is often invited to speak to various schools, art groups and associations. His presentation includes personal anecdotes, slide presentation, and a brief description of how he creates his art.

Benyei art pieces have helped many charities in their fund-raising efforts. He has donated to silent auctions for: The Canadian Stage, Women Entrepreneurs of Canada Foundation, Easter Seals, Friends of the Lubicon, Bag Ladies Drop-In Center, Etobicoke Arts Council, Art Gallery of Ontario, Columbus Center, United Way and the Amadeus Ensemble.

Benyei is a member of the Ontario Society of Artists (OSA), Canada’s oldest and most prestigious art society. It recently celebrated its 175th anniversary. Membership included the Group of Seven. For two years, Benyei served as head of the selection committee. He is also currently on the Board of Directors of the Society of Canadian Artists (SCA).

Recently, a client of Andrew’s who is an artist herself, a wonderful musician and singer, chose a sculpture by Andrew: “The Advisor” in bronze to donate to her son’s school on his graduation. Her son is a fine musician himself, and together mother and son chose a piece to affirm to future students in years to come the important role of art of all kinds in human life. The Advisor also captures the essence of the school’s highly successful mentoring program for students. The piece will be displayed at Bayview Glen School in Toronto in perpetuity.