Andrew Benyei - Sculptor and Painter

Renting A Painting or a Sculpture

Sculpture at XY Corp., Mixed Media

Sculpture at XY Corp., Mixed Media

But it is the Benyei sculptures that frequently “speak” to the employees, given their subtle statements on the workplace.

Successful rentals often turn into successful sales – whether by the corporation, or by their visitors. By offering an alternative ‘showplace’ for Benyei work, rental programs provide visibility to potential buyers.

Many companies and individuals chose commissions as a method of personal commemoration. The process begins – and ends – as a partnership. An element of trust must exist on both sides, with the client expressing their wishes, and the artist listening and hearing them. But the end result can be truly magical.

Airboss of America Inc. told Benyei they wanted the corporate message to be heard: “Nothing can stop an Airboss tire”. The result was a memorable, 6-foot wall sculpture that not only portrays the strength of the product, but also does it with a gentle humour that all clients and staff can relate to.

Andrew’s work has been rented several times for film productions, including the Tim Allen film “The Santa Clause” and also the fact that people can rent for their homes as well.

For Xycorp Inc., an employment agency for computer professionals, Benyei modified his existing piece “Common Interest” to incorporate the company name and logo. This created an eye-catching focus for the reception area of their very modern office suite.

Private commissions range from family sculpture portraits (celebrating a special birthday or anniversary), to paintings of houses, gardens and boats, and memorable occasions or memories of times past.

Andrew’s work is available for rent from the Art Gallery of Mississauga, Mississauga, Ontario and the Etobicoke Arts Council, Toronto, Ontario and from the artist directly. rates are reasonable and rental periods range from 3 months to up to several years.

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