Andrew Benyei - Sculptor and Painter


Below are some responses we have received.

Andrew, I just viewed your site via Emma Butler Gallery and was really blown away with your mixed-media sculptures, in particular! Your raw insight into our humaness was just fantastic.
Sheilagh O’Leary

Dear Mr. Benyei, It was a good chance for me to meet you… I am the Egyptian artist and art critic. Finding oneself in art is a life process for an artist and your work is outstanding. Talking to one of the visitors about your Sitter work I figured out the real meaning of the word. It was that moment that you succeeded to catch and we argued about the Space fitting, the pride in this sitting, that Satisfaction, may be of a day dream, the relaxation of a continuous thinking and a fin inner view of an intimate moment, it is a one moment brain/memory self – a very private show. From the outside the filling of a Diagonal sitting on the Arm chair in this relaxing happiness, reflects a continuation of this pride of this moment in a physical statement and configuration. This moment is saying I am here, tired, yes but I am not saggy I am strong and satisfied I am fitting my space and I am enjoying it. It is in the upper knee, the stretched arms that the statement of existence is complete! Congratulation on the prize. Sincerely
Hanna Giurges

Hello Andrew; Beautiful work. I can feel the metal move. L. Fleming

Your work is absolutely remarkable. I love it! You have really captured what happens to a “young man full of promise” as he eventually retires, a broken man, tired and boxed in by the bureaucracy. I can’t get over your tremendous talent and skill. In my opinion, your work is “the best in the Show”!!! Congratulations on a brilliant piece of work. L. Blakey

Hi Andrew, I just came from your web site and you do have some amazing work. I have always loved human figure work and so your work does appeal to me on a personal level. J.A. Brampton, Ontario

Hello, While on my journey through cyberspace it was my sincere pleasure to come upon your site. My compliments on a job well done. It was a privilege to view your pages. M. T.

Hi Andrew, I am an undergrad sculpture major. I am in new york now, and not feeling overly inspired actually so I’m surfing the net for canadian sculpture. Hoping for maybe a little honesty or something. I really enjoyed looking at your work anyway. All of it. It really seems to connect with the feeling of our time. Not to mention your amazing technical skills…. I feel better now. Thank you.

Dear Mr. Benyei: First of all, let me compliment you on your fine, fine work. I’m a sociologist who specializes in the area of the human body and I’m quite taken with the provocative and gritty quality of your work. I’m currently writing a paper on the subject of teaching sociology of the body and this message is to ask your permission to use a photograph of Pink Couch,.. ……. to raise issues concerning body language and size as they pertain to gender relations. Students are quite taken with Pink Couch – its directness provokes them in fascinating ways. I would appreciate your permission to use the photo in my paper (which will be sent to the American journal, Teaching Sociology) Best, Dr. A.M.

We saw your work and were blown away by “The Kiss”. N.F.

I saw a collection of your work at Carlen Gallery in Ottawa. I found it very interesting that I liked your bathtub sculpture, pig face painting, your swimming people, your larger paintings of cottage country, and your ladder sculpture. I didn’t realize that all these works were yours until speaking with the gallery employee. I just want to say keep up the good work…. C. A.

I *love* your fat little dancing ladies! I have been stopping by the Cdn Sculpture Society’s gallery at the Exchange Tower to fondly ogle them in the window as they express such pleasure and joy. ….. B.C.

I am a student currently attending a college in Toronto. I am taking the Graphic Design program that is offered there, and one of the courses we are required to take is the Art History course. In that class, we must interview an artist we admire. So I was hoping to have an interview with you… Thank-you for taking the time to read this. Sincerely, Tammy, Ontario

Just a quick thanks for doing such fantastic work. I saw a couple of pieces at the Emma Butler gallery in St. Johns this fall and I really enjoyed it. It’s great that I found your site through Emma’s links- hope to see future work this way. Shane Flight, Corner Brook, Newfoundland

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